What are the details about booking a room, payments & fee?
We may be over-booked most of the times. So a minimum of three months advance booking is recommended.

If you are from within India, you should remit an amount of Rs. 10000/- as booking fee. Those coming from outside india should remit US$300, or its equivalent. Booking fee is not refundable. The balance can be paid at the ashram (in Euros, AU$, US$ or Indian Rupees) at the time of completion of treatments. Money changers are just 15 km away from the ashram campus

We have a daily all-inclusive fee (food, accommodation, therapies and all the medicines used during the stay) or tariff . We can email you the total fee for your stay once the type of treatment, date and duration of your stay are finalised

Account Details for remitting the booking advance.

Receiver Name: Sunethri Ayurvedashram & Research Centre
Receiver Account No.: 841975800
Receiver Bank Name: INDIAN BANK
Receiver Bank Branch Location: Thrissur
IFSC Code IDIB000M045

Inform the ashram office on

+919947767386 (whatsapp)

and email the receipt to helpdesk.sunethri@gmail.com immediately after remitting your booking fee because your booking will be confirmed only after the receipt of the prescribed fee.

How many persons can stay in a room?
Two adults, ideally.  Each room has two single beds.  So a family of two adults and one child can share the space.  Three adults cannot be accommodated in one room.
Does the stay need an aide/ helper?
We strongly recommend that an aide be present along with the patient. However, if a person is alone, s/he will be helped by the staff when needed.
What facilities are available in the rooms?
Two single beds, one spacious wardrobe (in the bigger rooms), desk with storage space, bathroom/toilet. A private sit out is provided in the larger rooms.
Is the patient allowed to go outside during treatment?
No. For unavoidable trips, prior permission must be sought from the Doctor. The patient’s aide can go out for purchases etc.
What food services are provided at Sunethri?
Food is provided at Sunethri, and it is imperative that all patients have this Ayurvedic diet. Outside food is not permitted. The diet is non-spicy, non-sour and low-salt. Breakfast is served between 7.30 and 8.30 am. Lunch is served from 12.30 to 1.15 pm and consists of rice and two or more vegetable dishes. Dinner is made fresh and served between 7.30 and 8.00pm. The dinner menu is also usually rice and vegetables; however, chapattis are made on prior request. Tea is provided in the morning and evening.
Please inform in advance if any of either the patient or the aide/s planning to stay at Sunethri have any known food allergies.
Can guests dine with me?
Please restrict the number of guests visiting you as we want you to relax well and get the full benefit of the treatment. If any of your guests will be present for lunch or dinner, please inform the administrator in advance. The extra meals will be charged to the patient’s bill.
Are there any shopping facilities nearby?
Sunethri is located in a quiet village away from the buzz of city life, and there are no big shopping facilities anywhere nearby. However, we will provide for paid conveyance to take you to the city if something is needed.
Does the stay need an aide/ helper?
We strongly recommend that an aide be present along with the patient. However, if a person is alone, s/he will be helped by the staff when needed.
Is there an ATM nearby?
No, there are no ATMs close to Sunethri at the moment. There are some ATM facilities within 5 kms distance from Sunethri.
Currency for local use
US / AU / Singapore / NZ dollars, Euro or British Pounds etc. are easy to convert at the International airports or locally. Almost all local shops deal in Indian rupees only.
Do you have a locker facility for valuables?
No, we do not encourage guests to bring valuables. Please do not wear any heavy jewellery, and please do not wear much gold on you if you are going to stay as an inpatient. You will have to remove part or most of your jewellery while getting the treatment done, so it is better to leave them at home.
Is there travel facility from the airport?
We can arrange your travel from and to the airport for a fee. Please contact sabu.sunethri@gmail.com for your travel assistance.
What personal belongings should I bring while checking in?
a) Clothes
For patients staying for 21 days, 6-7 pairs of clothes plus some night robes are required. Cotton clothes are advised. Towels for use during treatment will be provided by us. Please get a couple of thin cotton hand towels for personal use. Also you could get some dry tissues and/wet wipes. During the monsoon season, it is best to get clothes that dry quickly. Thick denim material is best avoided. Please do not pack new or very good clothes for the patient, as the treatment uses medicated oils for treatment.
Bedspreads and bed sheets are provided.

b) Medication
Bring your current daily medications. Please inform in advance if refrigeration is needed for any of the medicines.
c) Cosmetics and Toiletries
Soap is provided. You will have to pack all other toilet and personal items including toothbrush, toothpaste, hair oil, shampoo, moisturizer, sanitary napkins/tampons if needed etc.
d) Reading material and activity items
We have quite a few books on philosophy, spirituality and Ayurveda in our library. However, if you are an avid reader, you may bring your own reading material.
If you do knitting/ crochet, you can get your kit along as you will have lot of free time, especially if you are the patient’s aide. If the patient is a child, accompanying parents can pack some light activity items like a drawing book or story book etc. for the kids. Parents may also want to carry a notebook to note down the treatment details and chart their child’s therapy schedule/progress.

e) Medical reports
Please get essential medical records like X-rays, scan reports etc. Please inform in advance if you have any known drug allergies.

Treatment timing?
Generally treatments are conducted in the mornings or afternoons. A single sitting of therapy may take anywhere between 40 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the treatment. Except for special circumstances, there will be no treatments on Sundays. For ladies, there is no treatment during their monthly menstrual cycle.
you can use the Yoga hall to practice yoga if it is permitted by the chief-physician. No trainer is available right now in the ashram.

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