Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma (Sanskrit; ‘pancha’ means five; and ‘karma’ means procedures) is a set of five therapeutic procedures meant to clean the body internally. This needs expertise, experience and dedication. Once the process is over the individual is slowly transited to normal environment. When more than one procedure is required in the same individual, the preparatory procedures are repeated in between. Panchakarmas are performed within an in-patient setting and the stay may prolong based on the number and type of procedures required. For performing one of the procedure systematically, it require a period of 15 days of hospitalisation. At Sunethri we are equipped to do all the Panchakarma with its Kerala specialities, up-to-dated for the contemporary needs without compromising the original ethics and values of the system.

Special treatment modalities for the management of repetitive stress injury (stiff neck, shoulder pain, numb arms, stiff fingers, trigger-thumb, dry eye, and etc.) among those working in the IT sector is a specialilty here.

We perform Snehapana (shehana), Swedana, Vamana, Virechana, Nirooha/ Kashaya vasthi, Rakthamoksha, Nasya, Snehavasthi, Pathrapotalasweda,Shashtikapindasweda/Navarakkizhi,Kayaseka/Pizhichil,Dhanyamalseka,Thakradhara,Shirolepana/Thalapothichil and all other therapeutic procedures of the great Kerala tradition with expertise, experience and dedication.

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